Review/Referral Website Configuration

Yelp WebsiteThere are several Review/Referral Websites (such as Google Places,, and that offer small businesses a chance to “claim” a listing on their website. Most of these websites provide reviews of small businesses that are provided by other customers.

These websites are frequently used by travelers, or other people looking for recommendations, to select which businesses they use for various products and services. Many times these people don’t know an area or indsutry well, so they rely on the reviews that others have left on the Review/Referral Websites to help guide them to good businesses.

TripAdvisor WebsiteFor our clients that are listed on at least one Review/Referral Websites, almost 1/2 of their “new” traffic comes through Review/Referral Websites—by “new” we mean visitors who don’t search directly for the business by typing the business’s name or something similar into Google.

As part of our Review/Referral Website Configuration service, we’ll (1) help “claim” your small business listings, (2) add new photos and additional information to the listings (such as hours, etc.) and (3) create links from the listings to your website.